Taxi Accidents

Taxi Accidents

Right to Compensation for Taxi Accident Victims :

Taxis, as common carriers, are expected to provide safe and reliable transportation to their passengers. However, taxi cabs continue to get into their fair share of accidents. If you have been injured in a taxi cab accident, a California Taxi Accident Attorney can increase your chances of receiving the rightful compensation for the losses you suffer, which include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced earning capacity

Why do I need a Taxi Accidents Attorney?

The defendants, including the taxi cab company, retain lawyers who specialize in defending taxi accident cases. Hire an experienced attorney who has knowledge and resources to manage your case efficiently. This will give you the best opportunity to maximize the compensation that the responsible parties owe you.

Some common defenses that only an experienced Attorney can handle efficiently include:

Comparative Negligence :

When awarding Personal Injury damages, the court can apply a certain percentage of fault to each party involved in the accident. The damages you can claim and recover are proportional to the degree of fault (if any) you had in the accident.

If you suffer damages worth $ 20000, but if the defendant or the insurance company proves that you were 10% responsible for the accident, the court has the right to limit your compensation to $ 18000 under the “Comparative Negligence” appeal.

Insurance Companies/Claims Adjusters:

The claims adjuster from the insurance company will try to settle your claim for as little amount as possible. They persuade you to give up your rights to sue the driver in court in exchange of your settlement amount.

The first thing to do after a Taxi Accident is to contact our experienced Taxi Accidents Attorney.

Our Taxi Accident Attorneys have the knowledge, expertise and resources to negotiate with the insurance companies and navigate through the legal procedures to get you the rightful compensation for your pain and suffering.

Statute of Limitation to file a Taxi Accident Claim :

You have only 2 years from the date of your taxi accident to file a Personal Injury Lawsuit against the driver or Taxi Cab Company. This deadline can be extended when a child is injured or when the victim is incapacitated. Whatever the case, it is best to talk to an experienced Taxi Accident Attorney at the earliest.

If you miss the statute of limitations for your case, the possibilities of reaching a positive outcome become very less.

What you need to know about Taxi Cab Accidents

Most taxi cab accidents result from excessive speeding or drivers rolling through intersections and stop signs. When you get in a taxi cab, you are putting your faith in the driver’s ability to get you to your destination safely. When the cab driver fails at this duty, he holds all legal responsibility for your injuries.

How to Act Before Calling a Taxi Accidents Lawyer

1. Call the police and make sure that an ambulance is dispatched to the scene of the accident.

2. Get immediate medical attention for any injuries sustained in the accident (allow paramedics to transport injured parties to the hospital for care and treatment).

3. Do not speak with the other party without contacting an attorney.

4. Exchange identifying information and insurance information with all parties involved in the accident.

5. Do not speak directly with the other party’s insurance adjusters, attorneys or representatives without consulting with LA Injury Attorneys.

6. Take pictures of the scene of the accident, your vehicle and the injuries sustained in the car or auto accident.

7. Do not sign any medical release forms without speaking to an Attorney.

If you have been injured while riding in a taxi cab, please contact LA Injury Attorneys for a free telephone consultation and possible legal representation in your matter.
Taxi Accidents
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Taxi Accidents
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