Compensation in a DUI Accident :

Compensation in a DUI accident Personal Injury Claim depends on two key factors:

  • facts and circumstances of the DUI-related accident
  • nature and extent of your injuries, damages, and losses

A skilled personal injury attorney seeks financial recovery for categories of losses that include:

  • medical bills and expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • mental anguish and emotional distress
  • property damage and loss
  • permanent physical disability
  • permanent physical disfigurement
  • loss of salary

In a DUI accident case, you are entitled to money not only for your existing losses, but also for those you would face in the future. Considering you may require medical care and treatment well into the future. This can include at a minimum, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

What should I do if I am hit by a drunk driver?

The first thing that someone hit by an intoxicated driver should do is to call the police and get medical help (if required). A police report and chemical test are the best ways to prove that the at-fault driver was operating a motor vehicle while drunk/high.

Get information from the other driver, like:

  • Name
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Insurance company name and phone number
  • Insurance policy number

Take photos or video of the vehicles and the accident site as they are extremely helpful to prove the driver guilty.

Write down everything you can remember about the accident scene as soon as possible afterward.

All this information will be required to make an insurance claim or file a Personal Injury/Wrongful Death lawsuit.

The Statute of Limitations :

In California, a personal injury case must be filed within 2 years of the date of an accident. If you fail to file a lawsuit by this 2 year deadline, you likely will forever be precluded from pursuing a lawsuit for your injuries, damages, and losses.

Why do you need a DUI Accident Attorney?

An experienced DUI Accident Attorney’s legal advice is always needed as there are strict laws against errant drivers. LA Injury Attorneys fight on your behalf and help you get justice for your loss. We help you get compensated for your damage to life and property, loss of employment, and for the grief and anguish, you had to suffer due to the accident.

Every case has a statue of limitation. Do not waste time, contact LA In jury Attorneys and help yourself find an efficient DUI Accident Attorney to file your claim.

What you need to know about Driving under the influence (DUI)

Were you or a loved one arrested for DUI, DWI or drunk driving? Cops don’t care if you are rich or poor, or a good person or bad. If they smell alcohol on your breath, chances are you are getting arrested.

How To Act Before Calling a DUI Attorney
DUI Do's and Dont's:

DO be cooperative and polite

DON’T answer any questions other than your name and address

DON’T give a statement

DO call your attorney as soon as possible after the incident

Call us to schedule a free case analysis with one of our experienced DUI defense lawyers. We can speak to you by phone, or we can sit down with you at our office. Because of the recession, we offer special rates to financially struggling clients, as well as flexible payment options.
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