railroad accidents

What you need to know about Railroad Accidents

Train accidents often involve a train and another vehicle, such as a car or truck, or even a pedestrian. Given the size and weight of the trains and their resultant inability to stop quickly, train accidents are typically quite serious, with severe injuries and/or much property damage. Train accidents may be the result of negligence.

How to Act Before Calling a Railroad Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, many of us do not take railroad crossings very seriously. Instead, we rely on crossing signals and automatic crossbars to warn us about an oncoming train. We forget that sometimes, these safety measures fail. According to government statistics, there are approximately 150,000 public railroad crossings in the United States. This amounts to more than 35,000 gates, over 25,000 sets of flashing lights and about 1,200 bells and highway traffic signals to maintain.

If a loved one was the victim of a fatal railroad accident due to crossing signal failure or other negligence, LA Injury Attorneys is here to help.

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